Billie vs. The Orgasm Pole

Billie is a girl who knows what she wants and after a while in my ropes it was an orgasm! I did after all promise one but never really said how. She wasted no time squirming her way to the pole waiting for me to turn it on. One does not simply get tired of watching a bound girl writhe against a vibrator. After her climax she remembered the other part of our deal. For every orgasm was another 30 minutes bound which sends her trashing hopelessly against the tight ropes.

Viorica vs. The Skull Trouble

There’s no denying it, Viorica is simply adorable in her skull corset and skirt. Cute is soon turn into hot once I tie her arms tightly behind her though. Confidence in her escape still rang high as I started to secure her crotch rope in place. Soon I had her on her stomach and with the long end of the crotch rope it’s secured to her legs. Now hogtied every pull, struggle, and twist now robs her of her tenacity. A large firm ballgag is pulled tightly into her mouth. Moments ago, escape in her mind was a few simple flicks of her wrist away. Now it’s all she can do to keep the drool in her mouth.

Raquel vs. The Rubber Spread

For quite a while now I’ve been a big fan of rubber bands. They can restrain, cause pain and can be exhausting to any sub. I decided to give Raquel a simple taste and spread her across my bed with only one job… try and get free. As she struggled I could see her efforts slowly wain as her muscles fatigued. Before long I didn’t even need the ropes, she couldn’t even lift her arms.

Nyxon vs. The Green Monster

Not just any girl can take a huge ball gag, especially a 3 inch monster. Once I had her tied in plenty of rope and gagged with the monster I gave her the ultimatum. If she wanted the gag out she would have to take it out herself. Nyxon was doing well until the ropes started to get tangled. It was all over and she knew it. That didn’t stop her from bouncing around the bed in frustration though!

Jenna vs. The Vibe Harness

There’s something about hanging chains in the bedroom that elicits such a wonderful reaction from women. Today was no different so I decided on a little surf ‘n turf or more accurately, rope ‘n chains. The combination couldn’t have been better as it gave Jenna just enough movement to make her forget how helpless she was. With the Hitachi strapped against her pussy I start it off slow and building from there. After she cums she pleads for me to turn it off but what fun is that? With the vibe relentlessly buzzing away she’s left to claw for the off switch.